What services do you provide?

Triton Financial provides services for all aspects of financial planning.  Our services include:

  • Tax Planning for Business Owners
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Survivor Needs
  • Education Needs
  • Asset Oversight
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Employee Benefits
  • Business Structuring
  • Special Needs Planning

What is the cost?

Our fees are based on an estimate of the amount of time and effort which will be involved for your case.  We estimate this based on an analysis of your current situation as well as the proposed plan and combine it with a forecast of the estimated value which you will receive.  Your annual retainer covers all services for one year from the date of hire.  Our services include meetings, discussions with other advisors internal analysis of your case and all correspondence pertaining to your case.

I currently have an attorney, a CPA and a money manager, how are you different from them?

Our role is to work with all of your advisors and, in most cases, to help make sure that all of your current advisors are in agreement with regard to your goals and planning needs.  Your current advisors will be consulted with as your plan is designed and implemented.  By continuing to communicate with all advisors prior to presentation of the proposal, we are typically able to simplify and streamline the process for our clients and help save them money.  Our goal is not to replace any of your current advisors, but rather, to make your current advisors a team working on your behalf by combining their expertise with ours so that you can achieve your financial goals.

Will you make my life more complicated?

Initially it may appear as though the level of complexity in your business and personal life has increased, but this typically lessens quickly as you begin to see and understand how everything fits together.  You will see that the planning we help you implement greatly increases your flexibility in running your business or achieving your goals.  Please remember that we will work with you throughout the process to help handle any obstacle that appears or answer any questions you may have.

Have your recommendations held up to scrutiny?

All of our recommendations are based on sound, established legal principles and have been extensively reviewed by both legal and accounting professionals.