A Comprehensive Fee-Based Financial Planning Firm Specializing in Small to Mid-Size Business Owners and High Net-Worth Individuals.

Our mission is to help you develop and implement a vision focused plan for minimizing taxes and maximizing benefits for you, your family and your business.

Our Services Include:

Business Planning – Helping business owners make sure that their business is set up properly and that legalities are followed.

Tax Planning – Using a combination of techniques and structures to help business owners reduce their income and estate tax obligations by taking advantage of all legal deductions allowed to them.

Charitable Legacy Planning – Using all available planning tools to establish a legacy of charitable giving which can be continued by their current and future heirs.

Asset Protection – Helping individuals and families use all available tools to protect their current and future assets from frivolous lawsuits and creditors as well as protecting themselves and their heirs from losing control of family assets in the event of divorce.

Advisory Team Integration – The integration of advisors into a team which is able to discuss issues and concerns in an efficient and productive manner.  Integrating the advisory team allows the client to receive a concise and thought out recommendation.  Each advisor knows their role and tasks without the client having to sit in numerous meetings with different advisors.

Estate Planning – Maximizing the value of the estate which will pass to heirs while minimizing the amount which will go to the government in the form of taxes.

Retirement Planning – Helping individuals and families set and achieve goals for their financial independence.

Survivor Needs – Setting and achieving goals for taking care of loved ones when clients are no longer able to do so.

Education Needs – Helping individuals and families set and achieve their goals for providing for the education of their children.

Asset Oversight – Triton Financial has decided not to offer direct investment services as we believe that this should be handled by professionals who devote all of their time to watching the various markets and who are able to advise on proper vehicles for a client’s investment funds.  However, we do provide asset oversight services and we will work with the investment manager to make sure that your portfolio is being managed properly and according to your goals and risk tolerance.

Insurance Analysis – Analyzing current insurance policies in order to make sure that there is no overlap or holes in coverage.

Employee Benefits – Helping business owners evaluate their current employee benefit packages to see where costs may be cut and where additional benefits may be implemented.

Special Needs Planning – Helping individuals and families plan for any special need family members.